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Red Buffalo Heart Seeds of tomato

Red Buffalo Heart Seeds of tomato
Red Buffalo Heart Seeds of tomato
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Online tomato seeds catalog is very pleased to offer everyone involved in vegetable production the opportunity to order Franchi buffalo heart tomato seeds - Cuor Di Bue. Popular for the quality product you get, red heart tomatoes are considered medium-early yielders.

The dimensions of Cuor Di Bue reach enviable proportions. They are large, their juiciness is amazing, and the lack of a large number of seeds is only in their plus.

The stems on which these mouth-watering heart-shaped tomatoes grow rise high, so the use of, for example, wooden poles will be imperative.

The huge fruits formed when the variety is grown properly have a remarkably fleshy structure. Their density provokes the use of Cuor Di Bue for canning. Naturally fresh, just plucked from the garden, Buffalo Heart tomatoes will bring the greatest pleasure to everyone.

Lovers of tomato dishes and fresh spring salads can rest assured, they now have the opportunity to order the seeds directly from the vegetable seeds catalog.

The deep red lovely color is not the only eye-catcher in the tomato. Its shape is just as impressive, and its taste will undoubtedly make you remember it.

When you decide to make a salad with such a tomato, it won't even need seasoning, you can just cut it and eat it.

Aside from salads, Cuor Di Bue's juiciness puts it at the top of the charts for winter tomatoes. Preserves, juice, and a variety of sauces are some of the things you can come up with.

There is hardly a person who does not love the traditional Bulgarian red sos. With the tomatoes of the heart-shaped variety we are talking about, you will not have a problem with the quality.

We can please both health food lovers and people who, for one reason or another, have refused to eat meat. Cuor Di Bue tomatoes are perfect for the purpose. They are suitable for a variety of nutritional and healthy diets.

If we have managed to intrigue you with our seed offer, we can also guide you with a few tips on growing amazing heart-shaped tomatoes.

For example, useful information can be the amount you will need to use when sowing seeds per acre of area, the seeds are in a very small weight - from 25 to 40 grams.

The sowing period is also important, as with all seeds. To enjoy the delicious vegetables early, sow around January 20th to February 25th. For an average harvest period - put the seeds for germination in the month of March. And for late fruiting from April twenty-fifth to May tenth.

Cut / number of seeds: 1 g (about 300 - 350 seeds of Franchi buffalo heart tomatoes in one package).
Sowing rate: From 25 to 40 grams per hectare.
Sowing period: Early sowing - 20.01 - 25.02, middle - March, late - 25.04 - 10.01.
Planting period: Beginning of April.
Cultivation scheme: The variety is grown in stakes in a single row with a scheme of 80-120/35-45 cm. Excellent results outdoors and indoors in a polyethylene greenhouse.
Fruit Characteristics: Franchi Buffalo Heart produces large fruits with the characteristic heart shape. They have a fleshy interior, and slight juiciness, very tasty and aromatic. A major advantage over other similar varieties is that it contains few seeds, which makes it valuable for fresh consumption and canning. 

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