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Pink heart shape tomato seeds Rosabella with an irresistible taste

Pink heart shape tomato seeds Rosabella with an irresistible taste
Pink heart shape tomato seeds Rosabella with an irresistible taste
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Our online modern garden and home catalog can boast of adding another irresistibly delicious variety of Bulgarian Rosabella pink tomato seeds to the rich catalog of vegetable seeds. Rosabella is pink heart-shaped tomatoes. As the name suggests, the tomatoes that form are a deep raspberry-pink color. The interesting thing about them is that they have fine skin and are very sweet.

Another characteristic of Rosabella, besides the extremely delicate skin, is the rich tomato flavor and aroma. Medium in size, they reach a size of about 200 to 250 grams.

And this variety of pink tomatoes loves the sun and heat. Therefore, choose a similar place if you have decided to grow the wonderful fine and taste-melting Bulgarian pink tomato.

Rosabella tomato seeds sow for medium early growing. It is good to make seedlings in advance. You can do this by sowing the seeds of Bulgarian pink tomatoes in suitable containers. For example, flower pots or different boxes that you have at hand and you have designated as a place for future plants.

The advantage of tomatoes with a beautiful shape such as a pink heart and taste - Rosabella, is their high resistance. It is expressed in at least two aspects. One is that they don't get many of the diseases common to tomato plants. And the other is that they are storable over a longer period of time.

Did you know that you only need thirty to forty grams of seeds of the Bulgarian pink tomatoes variety Rosabella (Rozabella - "Beautiful rose", literally translated from Italian) to sow one acre of land? A relatively small amount, for a fairly stable production area.

You will not regret choosing just such a pink heart-shaped tomato variety, especially because the sweet Bulgarian pink fruits are picked for a longer period, from early summer to early autumn.

The site team will give you some recommended guidelines on how to deal with sowing and the requirements for obtaining amazing tomato hearts.

At first, you could start the seeds of pink Rosabella tomatoes during the last winter months (February) and the first spring months (March) in a warm greenhouse. During the months of May-June, you will already be able to safely take them out to the place prepared for the purpose.

These months for growing seedlings of the Bulgarian pink Rosabella tomatoes have been chosen deliberately since the weather has already warmed up and there is no danger of falling frosts that will scald the seedlings.

Perhaps one of the important things when growing Rosabella pink heart-shaped tomatoes is to leave them on a single stem formation, on which several inflorescences are left. About eight to nine. The rest are removed, so the tomatoes will be able to reach the size determined for them by nature.

Speaking about the delicious fruit of this unique Bulgarian variety of pink tomatoes, we will also mention the not-insignificant information about the exceptional productivity of Rosabella. The tons you should expect are in the range of eight to ten tons per acre. Along with the appetizing qualities of this type of tomato, you have a good reason to order from the catalog seeds of the Bulgarian Rosabella pink tomatoes, which are a special selection with the shape of a pink heart.

Try a really very tasty and highly productive variety by sowing seeds of Bulgarian direct tomato Rosabella. See more tomato seeds canned Roma.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g (about 60 seeds)
Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per hectare with prepared seedlings in buckets and trays for seedlings.
Yield: About 8 to 9 tons per acre.
Sowing period: March and April.
Planting period: May and June.
Cultivation scheme: Stake, seedling, single-stemmed at 80/35 cm scheme, with 8-9 inflorescences recommended.
Vegetation: about 120 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Fruit in the shape of a pink heart, reaches a size of 200 - 250 g. with a very faint green ring, which disappears upon ripening. Very delicate skin, nevertheless they last well in storage. Unique taste qualities and a very pleasant consistency - a good balance of juiciness and meatiness. 

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