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Tomato seeds canned Roma for nice purees and juices

Tomato seeds canned Roma for nice purees and juices
Tomato seeds canned Roma for nice purees and juices
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The modern home and garden catalog offer its customers to get acquainted with another world-famous variety, ordering online tomato seeds without seeds for canning Roma to obtain production for canning and processing. Tomato seeds Roma - a variety that is grown without the help of support stakes, is now part of our large catalog.

Tomatoes of this variety are famous for not containing many seeds - they are fleshy. They have an oblong fruit shape and a strong tomato aroma.

In fact, when growing canned Roma tomatoes, they do not need support, because their stems are relatively low, reaching about 40 centimeters. In some cases, you can sow the seeds even in larger flower pots. This way, it will be convenient for you to have delicious tomatoes at your disposal at any time.

Having mentioned their fleshy structure, you can guess what they are mainly used for - to make preserves, jars, and various sauces. The juice produced by seedless Roma tomatoes is not like other juicy and watery varieties, they are extremely sweet and do not have many seeds, making them ideal for thick purées.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the canned Roma variety is the high productivity, the fruits you will get will please you with their quantity. From a hectare of planted tomatoes, you will be able to get between 6 and 7 tons of fruit.

The earliest you can sow the seeds of Roma seedless canned tomatoes is in the months of January and February. However, you should be aware that they require slightly higher germination temperatures – from eighteen to twenty-two degrees Celsius.

And be sure to wait until the frosts have passed to take them out for transplanting outdoors. It is best to do this at the beginning of April when we have constant positive air temperatures (follow the weather forecast).

According to the recommendation for this variety, leave the young plants in their permanent areas between 30 and 40 centimeters apart. And make the rows themselves with distances of 50 to 60 centimeters. Thus observed, this space will provide room for development.

Considering that people once treated tomatoes as flowers (ornamental plants) and did not know about their taste qualities, planting a few plants will take you back in time. Try sowing seedless Roma tomatoes in the flower section of your garden, arranged next to ornamental pepper and brassicas. Of course, besides the beauty, you will always have sweet tomatoes "on hand".

You will be able to eat the vegetables in salads. You will have the opportunity to prepare winter food and traditional preserves. Everyone knows that in summer there is no table without tomato salad. Whether it will be tomatoes with fresh or old onions, or with cheese, whether it will be combined with cucumbers, peppers, avocado, or others. It doesn't matter how you decide to consume the Roma variety, although it is canned, you can use it to make a salad. See more seeds of orange tomatoes in our modern catalog for garden and home.

Cut / number of seeds: 1.5 g (375 - 450 seeds)
Sowing rate: From 30 to 40 grams per hectare (seedling).
Yield: From 6 to 7 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: During the months of January and February to April.
Planting period: After the end of March, outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.
Cultivation scheme: In rows without stakes with a scheme of 120/40-20 cm.
Vegetation: about 110 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Medium-sized tomatoes 80 - 120 g in bright red colors with few seeds, an excellent choice for canning.

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