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Seeds of stake tomato varieties San Marzano 2

Seeds of stake tomato varieties San Marzano 2
Seeds of stake tomato varieties San Marzano 2
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With the following offer, the online seeds and tomato catalog will give you the opportunity to get to know the interesting and refreshing San Marzano 2 stake varieties of tomatoes. We added the seeds of these indeterminate tomatoes in order to enrich our catalog with vegetables and to present more elongated fruits that are suitable for fresh consumption and canning. The mid-morning tomato is through support.

The very fleshy structure is characteristic of San Marzano 2, as well as the lack of many seeds and fine skin.

As everyone has guessed, freshly cut tomatoes are the best way to consume the tomato variety. But that doesn't mean you can watch them just to eat a salad. They are absolutely suitable for processing and preservation, for example making juice or different types of sauce. As the sizes are relatively small, expect to pick a tomato weighing around 90 grams.

It is said that several centuries ago, sometime around the 18th, the seeds were gifted to an Italian province where they got their name.

The variety San Marzano 2, or rather its fruits, like its relatives, collects many vitamins. Some of them are perfectly familiar to us, for example, vitamins C and A. All useful substances in the composition of the tomato of the mentioned species we take in and absorb without a doubt. We need them, so we have one of the most useful reasons to sow seeds of the San Marzano 2 thornless variety.

As we have already said above in the text, the type of tomato with elongated fruit can be grown by using poles as a support for the stems.

You can prepare seedlings from the seeds. Sow them in the first months of the year, namely January and February. Expect to receive ready and ripe fruit from the spring month of May to the summer month of July.

Sow vegetable seeds deep into the ground - one to 1.5 centimeters.

After knocking out the sprouts and shaping them to readiness, wait for the late periods of frost. Then already plant in the chosen place. Your benchmark in this case as a month is May. You can plant seedlings from stake tomatoes in polyethylene greenhouses or in greenhouses earlier.

The chosen place should be fertile. Watering with moderate to tolerable humidity.

Expect 100 to 110 days of vegetation for the San Marzano 2 tomato.

After ripening, the large and dense fruits are in an enviable quantity. i.e. the yield of the variety is quite high.

Canned tomato jars become one of the goals in producing red vegetables. The reason for this is mainly the lack of a large number of seeds in their composition. Thus, they are processed more easily and quickly.

Together with their vegetable companions, such as cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, and others, the combination with them succeeds in enriching the taste of every meal.

Cut / number of seeds: 1 g (about 250 - 300 seeds of stake tomato varieties San Marzano 2 are in one package).
Sowing rate: From 25 to 30 grams per hectare - seedling.
Harvest: High yield.
Sowing period: During the months of January to April.
Planting period: In the month of May.
Vegetation: From 100 to 110 days.
Cultivation scheme: A two-row stake is grown at a scheme of 80-120/35-45 cm. Suitable for cultivation in greenhouses made of Israeli polyethylene for greenhouses or outdoors.
Fruit characteristics: Cylindrical fruits, bright red color. San Marzano 2 stake varieties have very good taste qualities, fleshy consistency, and very few seeds.  See more Italy red cherry seeds.

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