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White tomato seeds White Beefsteak - the exotic taste

White tomato seeds White Beefsteak - the exotic taste
White tomato seeds White Beefsteak - the exotic taste
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The vegetable catalog of the online catalog for tomato seeds has been enriched with White Beefsteak tomato seeds. We offer the exotic variety as part of the tomatoes with a different color than the standard red. The White Beefsteak variety tomato differs in color with its white fruit. An extravagant proposal for lovers of non-standard solutions.

White tomatoes are gaining in popularity in our home gardens. It is especially famous among connoisseurs of rare and little-known varieties. Regarding the healthy and useful substances in the white tomato, we can say that such ingredients, which our body needs, are in a huge amounts. The minerals and vitamins in the white variety are numerous.

With their help, you can enrich your healthy and nutritious diet. So be sure - you will not be attracted only by the non-standard color of the tomato.

Like every variety, White Beefsteak has its uniqueness. The fruits take about 80 days to ripen. You get medium-sized and juicy tomatoes, and an additional plus to everything is the lack of many seeds. Their fleshy structure and the juiciness of the fruit make them ideal for juice production. Canning is also a method of application in this case. You can seal them in jars to ensure winterization for the cold days.

A great option for connoisseurs of delicious and unconventional cuisine is a salad that consists of tomatoes of different colors. Imagine a colorful salad of only tomatoes - green, yellow, red, and white. Not only beautiful but also absolutely useful.

Now let's talk a little about their cultivation itself.

To begin with, we want to please you that in order to sow the seed per hectare, the required quantity of white tomato seeds is only 25 to 30 grams.

Sowing takes place at the end of winter, and the beginning of spring, namely February and March.

When making seedlings, follow the scheme of 80 centimeters row by row and 40-50 centimeters from one young plant to another. Thus, the probability of nice and healthy fruits is higher.

Seedlings are taken out in the month of May when we have constant positive temperature conditions.

Pick the finished product in August and September. And here we will delight you with numbers. You get a yield of six to seven tons per acre. An enviable and quite decent amount.

Do not hesitate, to order the great and new to our market White Beefsteak seeds right now from the online store Diversify your garden and make it irresistible with these unusual tomatoes. See more interesting vegetable seeds and seeds of green tomatoes

Cut/number of seeds: 0.2 g (about 50 - 60 White Beefsteak tomato seeds in one package)
Sowing rate: From 25 to 30 grams of varietal seeds per acre.
Yield: About 6 to 7 tons per acre.
Sowing period: In February and March.
Planting period: May.
Growing scheme: 80 / 40 - 50 cm. With the help of support.
Vegetation: About 80 days.
Fruit Characteristics: White Beefsteaks are exotic tomatoes that form round fruits with a unique ivory-white type color. They are medium-sized, weighing about 200 g, very juicy and tasty with a pleasant aroma. White tomatoes are ideal for fresh consumption.

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