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Seeds of exotic white tomatoes, White Beefsteak beefsteak type

Seeds of exotic white tomatoes, White Beefsteak beefsteak type
Seeds of exotic white tomatoes, White Beefsteak beefsteak type

  • Packet/ seeds amount: About 50 - 60 seeds of white tomatoes White Beefsteak in 1 packet.

  • Sowing rate: 25 to 30 g per acre.

  • Harvest: From 6 to 7 tons per acre.

  • Optimal time for sowing: Sow the seeds from January to the beginning of May.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: In May.

  • Cultivation scheme: They are grown on stakes in a scheme of 80-120/35-45 cm.

  • Vegetation: -

  • Characteristics of the plant: Ivory white round fruits with a slight yellow hue after ripening. Beefsteak tomatoes have a unique taste. They often reach a weight of up to 200 g. An extremely juicy tomato, highly valued for the preparation of juices and sauces. Perfect for fresh consumption and canning.


The catalogue for seeds of vegetables of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG has added the White Beefsteak giant-type tomato seeds. We offer the exotic variety as part of the tomatoes with a different colour than the standard red. The White Beefsteak variety tomato stands out with its white fruits. This is an extravagant offer for lovers of different vegetables.

One of the rare varieties of tomatoes, the white ones, is becoming popular in our gardens. It is especially famous among connoisseurs of rare and little-known varieties. Exotic tomatoes are highly appreciated for their healthy and beneficial substances.

You can enrich your healthy and nutritious diet with them. You will be attracted by the non-standard colour of the tomato and the high content of useful nutrients.

Like any variety of tomatoes, these white to light yellow vegetables have their unique features. You get big and juicy tomatoes with fewer seeds inside. Their fleshy texture and the juiciness of the fruits make them suitable for preparing juices. Canning is another option to use them. You can put them in jars for cold days.

A great option for connoisseurs of delicious and unconventional cuisine is a salad of tomatoes of different colours. Imagine a colourful salad of all kinds of tomatoes - green, yellow, red and white. Beautiful and nutritional.

A tip about their cultivation.

You need only 25 to 30 g of seeds to sow one acre.

Sow the seeds at the end of winter, and the beginning of spring in February and March.

When you prepare seedlings, follow the scheme of 80 - 120 cm between the rows and 35 - 45 cm between the plants.

Transplant the seedlings in May when the outside temperature is stable and positive.

Pick the ready-to-harvest tomatoes in August and September. This variety is high-yielding.

Do not hesitate and order the great and attractive for our market seeds of white to light yellow delicious tomato White Beefsteak right now from the Online Catalog Semenata.ORG. You will be very pleased with your choice. Make your garden diverse and irresistible with these unusual tomatoes. See more yellow tomato seeds online.

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