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Seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Mirabell

Seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Mirabell
Seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Mirabell
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The seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Mirabell are part of the rich catalog for seeds for vegetables Online Semenata.ORG, always available to our current and future customers.

These are tasty and aromatic tomatoes with attractive yellow flowers that can be grown equally successfully in a greenhouse, in the yard, and in the garden or in suitable containers on the terrace, veranda or balcony.

Although small, cherry tomatoes Mirabell give extremely high yields when providing the proper care, fertilization, and irrigation.

They provide a rich harvest of tomatoes with a sweet taste and yellow color. Theis appearance resembles wild plums. 

Chefs and housewives appreciate cherry tomatoes Mirabell not only for their taste and aroma but also for their decorative qualities and attractive yellow colors. Cherry tomatoes are often used in salads, to cook meals or to make juices and canning. They are used for decoration and dressing for various hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, and main meals.

The yellow cherries Mirabell are very tasty and have an interesting appearance. They are also very beneficial for many healthy diets. They are rich in vitamins and other useful ingredients such as potassium like most of the tomatoes popular in our country, presented in the catalog of vegetables of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG.

Tasty, useful, and with interesting shapes and colors, the yellow cherries are a decoration and a benefit to any household no matter how you decide to cultivate them.

The experience of local vegetable growers who chose the variety from the catalog of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG shows that from 5 to 30 grams of seeds are enough to sow a one-acre field. Remember that it is good for the soil to be rich in nutrients and light.

Sow the seeds in March and April for optimal results.

Plant the seedlings outside only after the frosts have passed, in the last days of May as well as in June.

Leave 80 to 120 centimeters between the rows and 35 to 45 centimeters between the plants in a row.

Take proper care of the tomato plants and you will enjoy an abundant harvest from July to September. 

The best way to cultivate these miniature vegetables is in rows and on stakes. They grow without a height limit (indeterminate variety) and quickly become covered in abundant fruit according to the statistics of the catalog of vegetables of Online Catalog Semenata ORG. See more tomato seeds in our online catalog.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 0.3 g, about 40 - 50 seeds of yellow cherry tomatoes Mirabell in 1 packet.

  • Sowing rate: 25 - 30 g.

  • Harvest: 

  • The optimal time for sowing: In March and April.

  • The ideal time for transplanting seedlings: In May and June.

  • Cultivation scheme: 80 - 120/ 35 - 40 cm in rows on stakes. 

  • Vegetation: -

  • Characteristics of the plant: A round, miniature cherry with yellow flowers, sweet and aromatic.

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