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Seeds of tomatoes on stakes for puree San Marzano 3 - Vilmorin

Seeds of tomatoes on stakes for puree San Marzano 3 - Vilmorin
Seeds of tomatoes on stakes for puree San Marzano 3 - Vilmorin
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The Online home and garden catalogue Semenata.ORG includes the seeds of tomato San Marzano 3, available for our current and future customers.

This tomato is a special variety from Italy. It is used for a fresh salad, as well as for cooking, for tomato preserves, tomato juice, tomato puree, lutenitsa and ketchup. The tomato grows on stakes (determinant type).

The tomatoes are elongated in shape, deep red in colour, and without green rings. It is not a large variety, usually weighing from 100 to 130 grams. Juicy and firm, the tomato has a pleasant taste and aroma, and almost no seeds. It has thin skin and is dense and juicy in the core.

In order to protect the tomatoes San Marzano 3 from tomato pests they are often planted close to crops such as herbs and spices. 

This variety belongs to the group of mid-early varieties and is grown in rows - both in a greenhouse and outside, according to the data from the vegetable catalogue of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG.

The legend for the San Marzano tomatoes suggests that this variety was donated by the kingdom of Peru to the kingdom of Naples in the 18th century as a sign of special honour and respect because the tomatoes were so valuable. The grateful Italians planted the precious tomato seeds in the area where San Marzano is today, hence the name of the current delicious tomatoes.

Tomatoes of this type are valued not only for their taste and appearance or trade but also by people living a healthy lifestyle. These vegetables are full of vitamins and a number of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus or folic acids. If you choose to grow San Marzano tomatoes, you will have a tasty vegetable in your yard or garden and healthy food for everyone, even people on a diet, sick and recovering, young children and adolescents.

You will need only 25 to 30 grams of seeds per acre according to the data in the vegetable catalogue of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG. Sow them 1 to 1.5 centimetres deep in the soil.

Usually, the sowing is done indoors from January to April.

Plant the seedlings outside the whole month of May when the frosts have already passed. Leave a distance of 120 centimetres between the rows and 40 centimetres between the plants in 1  row.  See more delicious tomato seeds online in our catalogue for seeds of oblong cherry tomatoes.

The vegetation of San Marzano 3 tomatoes lasts from 100 to 110 days. You can harvest them from June to September.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: about 60 seeds of tomatoes San Marzano 3 in 1 packet.

  • Sowing rate: About 25 - 30 g seeds per acre.

  • Harvest: Provides great yields.

  • Optimal time for sowing: From January to May.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: In May after the frosts.

  • Cultivation scheme: 120-80/30-40 cm on stakes outside or in a greenhouse.

  • Vegetation: 100 - 110 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: Elongated, deep red, fleshy, almost seedless, very sweet. Perfect for tomato puree and salads.

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