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Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines - green color 3 mm

Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines - green color 3 mm
Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines - green color 3 mm
  • Model: HM00005

Available Options has added to its huge catalog another great tool to help the professional gardener - a super strong green Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines. These universal garden Soft wire ties are made from a very strong and easy-to-bend material.

The Soft wire ties for vines and tomatoes in green are highly valued by all professional gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts. With it you can easily tie your favorite flowers, bushes, vegetables spices and trees, tomatoes, vines, shape them into the desired shape or give them a direction for growth.

The main advantage of the wire Soft ties for vines and tomatoes is undoubtedly its strength. The rubberized material protects the bark of the plants you are tying from being damaged.

This universal garden connection for tomatoes and vines is widely used in growing all kinds of plants.


The Soft green wire ties for tomatoes and vineshose are extremely suitable for tying all kinds of vegetables. It has a special effect when growing and tying tomatoes, cucumbers, various varieties of string beans, eggplant, corn, etc.

In addition to vegetables, you can also use the garden Soft green wire tie for growing different types of fruit trees. It is especially valued in orchards for guiding new grafts. With the Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines, you can tie different varieties of cherries, sour cherries, apples, pears, quince, tie plums, plums, almonds, olives, and persimmons, lemons, oranges, etc.

With the green garden tie soft wire, you can tie different fruit bushes - raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, elderberries, chokeberry and many others.

It is especially valued when growing all kinds of grapes and vines.

The Soft wire ties for vines and red tomatoes can be used for tying all kinds of climbing plants - kiwi, ivy, vinca, wisteria, various types of hedera, etc.

The connection Soft wire tie for tomatoes and vines also has a very good effect when growing different types of spices - St. John's wort, thyme, sage, savory, fennel, etc.

In addition to cultivated plants, the connection with a rubberized surface is highly valued when growing various types of ornamental plants. All professional gardeners and landscape designers prefer this model because of its strength, ease of use, and functionality, and not least because of its green color, which is almost imperceptible.

The universal Soft wire ties for tomatoes and vines can be used when growing roses, regardless of whether they are hybrid tea or climbing. In addition, you can tie different types of flowers and ornamental shrubs - peony, chrysanthemum, yucca, etc.

The garden link can also be applied to all types of indoor flowers. Different varieties of benjamin, ficus lirata, ficus elastica, all kinds of decorative ivy, date palms, Washington palm, pachyra, zamia, citrus, climbing flowers, etc. are often attached to it.

The Soft wire ties for vines and tomatoes are especially valuable when growing and shaping bonsai trees. Due to the soft and strong rubber cover, you can easily shape the bonsai into different shapes and guide it in the desired direction of growth.

We at and Seven Seeds recommend this product for use in gardening.


Color: green

Connection diameter: 3 mm

Roll length: The rubber connection (hose) for tying is available in 100 m and 1300 m lengths.

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