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Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm

Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
Checkered concrete tiles for backyard - 30/30/4 cm
  • Model: G000010

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In this part of the garden catalog, you have the opportunity to choose from a model of Checkered concrete tiles for the backyard, which is 30/30/4 cm in size produced in Bulgaria.

The product is made by a leading Bulgarian manufacturer using Vibro-pressing technology of the concrete mixture. This technique of production of cement products achieves an extremely high density of concrete tile. This makes it stronger and more resistant to stress and adverse weather conditions.

The checkered concrete tiles with the possibility of delivery in Sofia and the European Union are made with an interesting square pattern. The upper part is divided into 9 square pieces. This clean design blends easily with the surrounding architecture and is almost universal.

For this reason, the concrete backyard tiles 30 30 4 cm are used to create flooring around representative public buildings or cultural monuments in Sofia, Sofia District, Sofia - City, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Smolyan, Ruse, and other small and large towns and villages in the country.

The Checkered tiles from cement have a square size of 30/30 cm and the weight of one tile is 7.5 kg. This makes them easy and convenient to install. The thickness of the model is 4 cm, but you can order the same model with a thickness of 5 cm if you build more busy areas. Although the checkered concrete tiles for the backyard for Sofia and the Sofia region are quite strong and sustainable, it is recommended that they be used for the construction of pedestrian zones. Do not use the square concrete tiles for places where cars, motorcycles, buses, even lighter mini cars, buggies, ATVs, trailers, etc. will pass. In these cases, we can recommend our concrete pavers for driveways with a thickness of at least 6 cm, concrete parking grid pavers, or plastic driveway grids for grass, which are ideal for pavements loaded by vehicles.

The checkered cement tiles for backyard in Sofia and the whole European Union are available in 4 main colors - gray, yellow, ocher, and red. The coloring of the checkered tiles makes them suitable for building different colored figures depending on the needs of the surrounding architecture.

For larger orders, it is possible to produce the checkered tiles in black and white. As with the color variants, only the upper layer of the tile is colored, which is about 1 cm thick.

Application of square checkered tiles from concrete in Sofia, Sofia region, and the European Union​​​​​​.

Concrete Checkered tiles for the backyard are extremely widely used. They are most often used for making pedestrian sidewalks in different parts of towns and villages. With the Checkered model you can build the sidewalks around the fence of your villa, the pedestrian areas around the house, the garage, the outbuildings, the garden pavilion, and the places for recreation in the garden and the yard, etc.

It is not uncommon for sidewalk tiles to be delivered in the Sofia areas around Vitosha, Dragalevtsi, Kokalyane, Pancharevo, Simeonovo, Malinova Dolina and others. for construction of pedestrian parts of external flooring around gas stations, gas stations, around charging stations for electric cars, parking lots for trucks, etc.

This type of backyard checkered concrete tiles is appreciated by Sofia construction companies and entrepreneurs who build or repair various types of public buildings under European programs. The model is chosen for the renovation of schools (private or public), kindergartens, universities, hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, and more.

Due to the low price, these cheap outdoor concrete tiles are used not only in Sofia but throughout the European Union in the construction of pavements around stations, many private or municipal bus stations, ports, public transport stops, and coastal areas for pedestrians.

The model of checkered cement tiles for backyard is also applied in the construction of hotels, hotel complexes, gated communities, grocery stores, malls, commercial buildings, cargo buildings, various warehouses, and warehouses, around public toilets, guest houses, mountain huts, markets, municipal markets, etc.

Technical characteristics of cement checkered tiles for the backyard for Sofia and the whole country.

Tile size - Square paving checkered tiles are available in a square shape with a side length of 30 cm. The thickness of this model is 4 cm, but the same tile with a thickness of 5 cm is also available. The thicker version is recommended for public places that are loaded with quite an intense pedestrian traffic.

Color - checkered tiles from concrete with possible delivery in Sofia and the whole of Bulgaria and the European Union and are produced in several basic colors. The most commonly used color is gray, which is the color of the concrete mix. Checkered tiles can be ordered online and in red, ocher, and yellow. For orders over 50 square meters, we can offer additional colors white, black, or the color of your choice, with a production period of up to 2 weeks. Please note that only the top layer about 1 cm thick is colored for colored paving tiles.

Material - One of the main advantages of the model is undoubted that they are made of concrete that is high strength and vibe pressed. This makes the tiles highly resistant to stress
favorable weather conditions even in the high mountainous parts of the country.

Weight - One concrete checkered tile weighs 7.5 kg. Please note that the concrete is moisture-absorbent and the weight varies according to the humidity of the material, and can often exceed 7.5 kg.

Quantity of tiles in 1 sq. M - 11 pcs. paving tiles are needed to build 1 sq m of flooring around a garden, yard, public sidewalk, etc.

We deliver checkered concrete tiles for backyards in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Pazardzhik, Pleven, Yambol, Burgas, and Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora, Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Smolyan, Rudartsi, Dragichevo, Kostinbrod, Bansko, Plovdiv, Borovets, Velingrad, and others. small and large settlements in Bulgaria and European Union.

All deliveries are made with the help of a transport company. Deliveries are two options - delivery with unloading included or delivery without unloading included.

Delivery with unloading included - In this variant the checkered cement tiles for backyards are placed on a euro pallet and delivered to the customer's address, unloading with the help of a drop board and a pallet truck. With this method of delivery, it is necessary to have access to the place for flatbed trucks. A maximum of 100 pieces can be placed on one pallet. tiles (9.09 sq.m).

Delivery Without unloading included - In this way of delivery the tiles are placed again on the European pallet, and the customer provides appropriate equipment for unloading the tiles. Again, you need to have access to the truck address. For larger orders (over 10 pallets) a trailer truck is sent. The maximum amount of checkered concrete tiles for backyards that are placed on the pallet is 144 pcs. (13 sq.m)

Note: The indicated price of the concrete checkered tiles for backyards for Sofia and for the whole of Bulgaria is single for one tile and includes VAT.

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