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Concrete parking grid pavers with grass 30/30/8 cm

Concrete parking grid pavers with grass 30/30/8 cm
Concrete parking grid pavers with grass 30/30/8 cm
  • Model: G000002

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Garden catalog Semenata ORG presents to its customers quality concrete parking grid pavers for grass with compact dimensions and interesting round holes. This model of concrete paver grids is widely used in the construction of parking areas in front of offices and office buildings, malls, shopping malls, large retail chains, supermarkets, private yards, municipal parks, eco-parks, hotels, and more.

Concrete parking grid pavers are manufactured using special technology using vibe pressed concrete. In this way, they become denser, smoother, and more resistant to load.

The model is highly valued due to its compact shape and relatively low weight for concrete parking paver. Most of the standard parking concrete grid pavers with grass weigh over 20 kg, which seriously complicates and slows down the installation technology. Here the weight is 12 kg, which greatly facilitates their installation, and the square shape and the round hole bring additional color and a higher decorative effect to the built flooring.

Where are the Concrete parking grid pavers with grass 30/30/8 applied?

The concrete parking pavers are universal. They can be used to build parking areas, separate parking lots, or even entire pavements around hospitals, fast food restaurants, and concrete centers, they can be used to create parking for trucks, parking spaces around beaches, public parks, and gardens in front of private houses, guest villas, around swimming pools, etc.

With Concrete parking grid pavers with grass, you can also create garden flooring, alleys in a city park, decorative paving paths for landscaping, and landscaping of gardens and residences.

Another not uncommon application of concrete parking pavers is in strengthening slopes and landslides. Due to their high weight, they significantly reduce the risk of landslides on steep slopes and terrain. In addition, grass with a strong root system or various types of plants can be sown in the openings of the parking lot to strengthen disturbed terrains, which will further help to stop landslides and landslides.

Technical characteristics of the model concrete parking gratings:

Size of 1 pcs. concrete paver for parking areas with grass - 30/30/8 cm

Hole - Each grid paver from concrete has one hole with a diameter of 8 cm

Color - Gray color, can be ordered in red, yellow, and other.

Material - concrete paving grids are made of vibe pressed concrete

Weight of 1 pcs. - 12 kg

Quantity of concrete parking grid pavers with grass in 1 sq.m - 11 pcs.

The maximum quantity of grid parking pavers on one euro pallet for delivery with unloading with a falling board and a pallet truck - is 62 pcs. (5.63 sq.m)

The maximum amount of grid pavers for parking for delivery WITHOUT unloading - is 96 pcs. (8.72 sq.m)

Weight of one pallet, loaded with a maximum of concrete parking pavers - 1152 kg

Pallet weight with 72 pcs. lattice - 864 kg

Note: The indicated price includes VAT for one concrete turfstone pavers for driveway.

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