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Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm with delivery in Ruse and Europe

Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm
Cheap outdoor concrete tiles 30/30/5 cm with delivery in Ruse and Europe
  • Model: G000009

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Garden catalog presents to its customers another model of vibropressed cheap outdoor concrete tiles with the possibility of delivery in Ruse, Ruse region, all Ruse villages and the whole country.

The concrete outdoor tiles are made of high-strength concrete mixture, which is vibropressed by a special technology. In this way the concrete product acquires a higher density and higher resistance to load, wear and weathering.

The Cheap outdoor concrete tiles for Ruse and the whole of Europe are made by a renowned Bulgarian manufacturer of concrete products according to quality standards and have a convenient square shape 30/30 cm. The thickness of the cheap tiles is 5 cm, but if you want you can order this model for Ruse region or for the whole of Bulgaria with a thickness of 4 cm (see paving slabs 30/30/4 cm).

Although the outdoor Cheap concrete tiles for Ruse 30/30/5 cm is quite thick, it is recommended to make tiles that are only pedestrian. It is not recommended to build paths or sidewalks on which cars of different sizes, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and even electric cars are supposed to pass. In case you need to even rarely pass a car or other type of vehicle, use the grey brich pavers 20/10/6 cm or thicker (8, 10 cm). Option for thicker pavement are also special concrete parking elements or plastic car parking grids.

This model of cheap outdoor tiles for Ruse and Europe is made with a smooth surface (smooth concrete tiles grey). This makes them excellent for use in the construction of flooring around buildings with different styles of architecture, around monuments or sculptors, around architectural monuments and more.

The cheap outdoor tiles from concrete 30/30/5 cm can be ordered in standard gray, and if desired, can be colored in yellow, ocher and red. Please note that only the top layer of the tile is about 1 cm thick.

Using the presented smooth model Cheap outdoor concrete tiles.

The model is highly valued by all construction companies and construction crews that deal with the construction of flooring under European projects, flooring by public procurement or in the construction of private houses, villas, chalets and more.

The concrete tiles cheap model is suitable for the construction of outdoor - sidewalks in Ruse, villages and towns in the Ruse region, all kinds of outdoor flooring in every town in Bulgaria.

Not infrequently the outdoor concrete cheap tiles are used to build pavements around a private school, public schools, private kindergartens, public kindergarten, private or municipal hospital, various types of public buildings - town hall, theater, cinema, community center and others.

With the smooth concrete tiles cheap model you can create flooring around your house, summer villa, ranch, mountain hut, garden pavilion or garden seating area. Tiles form concrete are often used to create garden paths on a grass joint with sand under them.

Technical characteristics of Cheap outdoor concrete tiles with the possibility of delivery in Ruse and throughout Europe.

Dimensions of one smooth tile (length / width / height) - 30/30/5 cm

Color - the model is produced in gray, red, yellow and ocher

Material - Outdoor tiles for Ruse and Europe are made of durable vibropressed concrete with excellent strength properties.

Weight of one concrete tile - 10 kg

Quantity of tiles in 1 sq. M - 11 pcs. tiles are needed to build 1 sq. m of flooring

Features of delivery of this model of paving tiles.

The tiles are delivered in Ruse, Borovo, Byala, Vetovo, Ivanovo, Dve Mogili, Slivo Pole, Tsenovo, Riibaritsa, Sofia, Bansko, Volovo, Dolno Ablanovo, Tetovo, Momchil grad, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Svilengrad, Dimitrovgrad, Nova Zagora, Varna, Burgas, Krivina, Sandanski, Smolyan, Botevgrad, Blagoevgrad, Zlatolist, Grigorevo, Varshets, Vratsa, Kozloduy, Kozloduy NPP, Zlatitsa, Pirdop, Mirkovo, Dobrich and many others. small and large settlements in Bulgaria and Europe.

1. Delivery can be made with unloading at the customer's address with the help of a truck with a drop board and a pallet truck. In this case, the Cheap outdoor concrete tiles are placed on a euro pallet, as the maximum quantity of tiles on one pallet is 75 pcs. - 6.81 sq.m.

2. Delivery without unloading with drop board and pallet truck included (the customer must have appropriate equipment for unloading the address) - in this case the tiles are loaded on a euro pallet up to 130 pcs. (11.81 sq.m)

Note! The indicated price of outdoor concrete cheap tiles for Ruse and the whole of Bulgaria and Europe includes VAT for 1 piece. tile without delivery included. The delivery price is calculated after entering the address.

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