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Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm delivered in Plovdiv and all over Europe

Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm
Vibropressed concrete pavers 30/20/6 cm delivered in Plovdiv and all over Europe
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Online catalog for your home and garden Semenata org added to its ever-growing catalog of garden flooring another indispensable product - quality vibropressed concrete pavers with delivery options to Plovdiv and across the Europe.

Concrete vibropressed pavers for Plovdiv and the country are among the most commonly used construction materials for the construction of long-term exterior flooring. Pavers vibe pressed are used in the construction of pavements around private buildings or around public buildings. They can also be used to build different types of areas that have a load of vehicles.

Plovdiv concrete pavers are produced by special technology. They are made of high-strength concrete, which is pressed by Vibro presses. The resulting vibropressed concrete pavers have an extremely high density. In this way, an increase in their strength and load resistance is achieved. Concrete pavers for the country and

Plovdiv becomes more resistant to wear and tear from the operation and to adverse climatic conditions - repeated frost, UV rays, rain, hail, wind, and more.

Concrete pavers with delivery to Plovdiv and Europe are made with dimensions of 30/20/6 cm. These relatively large sizes allow you to quickly and efficiently build large pavements. The thickness of the pavement for Plovdiv concrete is 6 cm. It allows this type of pavement to create durable areas that with a well-prepared base will withstand the intense pedestrian load, bicycle load, or a load of service and emergency vehicles (police cars, fire, ambulance, national security, gendarmerie cars, municipal cars for control and inspection, garbage trucks, buses and trucks for food delivery and loading of shops, cars for maintenance of cleanliness or cars of gardeners and municipal gardeners, etc.)

If you need to create roads for cars, parking lots for trucks, or heavy construction machinery, choose pavers with delivery to Plovdiv or all of Bulgaria, which are 8 or 10 cm thick, or different types of quality plastic car parking grids available in the online catalog

What are the models of Vibropressed concrete pavers suitable for Plovdiv and the whole of Europe?

This model of concrete paving is of universal use. Paving stones can be used to build pavements around private houses, luxury country villas, and huts high in the mountains, or in seaside resorts. Concrete pavers for Plovdiv are used for laying public parks and park areas, and for making pedestrian zones, sidewalks, and pavements around streets.

You can meet them around large production plants for wood processing, around grocery chains, around luxury or small family hotels in the Plovdiv region or across the country, around restaurants, famous wineries, golf courses, and more.

Characteristic features of the concrete pavers delivered in Plovdiv and all over Europe.

Size of one concrete paving stone (length / width / height) - 30/20/6 cm

Material - Pavers are made of vibropressed concrete with high strength and very good density.

Colors - Concrete Plovdiv paving is available in the traditional gray (concrete) color but can be ordered by coloring the top layer (layer thickness 1 cm) in red, or yellow. The minimum order quantity for colored pavers is 50 sq.m

Weight of 1 pcs. concrete block for Plovdiv and Europe - 8.3 kg

Quantity of concrete pavers in 1 sq. M - 16.6 pcs.

A maximum quantity of concrete pavers in Plovdiv in one euro pallet for delivery with unloading included with drop board and pallet truck - 90 pcs. (about 5.42 sq.m)

A maximum quantity of pavers in 1 pallet upon delivery Unloading included (the client has unloading equipment at the address) - 156 pcs. (9.39 sq.m)

Note! The indicated prices include VAT for one 1 pc. pave. 

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