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Garden wire for trailing plants and vegetables

Garden wire for trailing plants and vegetables
Garden wire for trailing plants and vegetables
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A specialized garden catalog for the home and the garden, Semenata org presents to its customers a great product for the benefit of the gardener - Garden wire for trailing plants and vines, all kinds of vegetables, flowers, etc.

This garden wire for trailing plants product is made from strong wire that is coated with a special flexible coating. It is easily bent and shaped, and the connection with it is made by twisting (similar to standard types of wire). This saves you the tedious tying of different types of knots, which is an advantage, especially in hard-to-reach and narrow places.

The Garden wire for trailing plants is 25 m or 100 m long and has a special metal cutter with which you can easily cut the piece of wire to the length you need.

Garden wire is highly valued in various types of gardening activities. It is an indispensable assistant to the professional gardener and landscape designer.

With it, you can easily tie the newly emerging stems of your climbing rose, tie the rose to the fence, pergola and structure and, or guide the branch of the vine in the direction you need.

Garden wire for trailing plants can be used to tie plants that need different types of support structures. With them, you can quickly and securely tie your clematis, wisteria, various varieties of ivy, Parthenocissus (wild vine), exotic passionflower, hybrid kiwi, all varieties of lonicera, jasmine, Tecoma radicans, gramophone, etc.

In addition to climbing flowers, Garden wire for trailing plants can also be used to tie various types of lush shrubs, regardless of whether they are deciduous or evergreen - gel, laurel, barberry, weigella, Japanese spirea, ligustrum, etc. It is especially useful when growing different varieties of yew, thuja, false cypress, black and white pine, magnolia, etc.

With this special wire for trailing plants, you can also strengthen your home vines and vines of red grapes, white dessert grapes, different varieties of mavrud, pamid, etc.

Different types of vegetables can also be tied easily. It is especially used as a binding agent for tomatoes, garden cucumber, gherkins, short-fruited cucumbers, string beans, broad beans, asparagus beans, eggplant, broccoli, etc.

In the vegetable garden, garden wire is basically and universally applicable. In addition to the vegetable, it can also be used for tying all kinds of fruit trees and young saplings - apple, pear, cherry, quince, sour cherry, plums, persimmons and many others.

Garden wire for trailing plants can be used not only for tying up garden plants and vegetables. With it you can easily tie all kinds of home flowers that need it. Tie the branches of the lush Washington palm, date palm, the various varieties of house climbing flowers (chlorophytum, ficus pumila, etc.). Excellent application for tying all types of ficuses (Benjamin, elastica, ficus lyrate, etc.), with all types of citrus fruits - lemon, tangerine, orange, calla, bougainvillea, etc.

Home evergreen flowers such as pachyra, zamioculcus, orchids, etc. can also be tied with the garden wires.

Garden wire can also do a great job at home, in the garage, at the cottage. With it, you can prepare Christmas decorations, decorations for Christmas Eve, birthdays, various types of holidays (prom, name day, baptism, etc.). The garden wire is easily applicable for creating arrangements of dried flowers, for bouquets, ikebana, etc.

Technical characteristics of the garden wire for tying:

Length - This product is available wound on a special roll with a length of 25 m or 100 m

An advantage of the roll is that it has a special cutter with which you can easily cut the length you need from the roll.

Color - green

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