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Natural sisal rope for vegetables 1260 m

Natural sisal rope for vegetables 1260 m
Natural sisal rope for vegetables 1260 m
  • Model: HM00030

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Home and garden catalog Semenata org presents to its customers a great product for universal use in agriculture and every household - a uniquely strong Natural sisal rope for vegetables at a good price.

The sisal rope for vegetables is made of natural materials that are very strong. This makes the binding product durable. Natural materials allow you to easily make different types of knots without them slipping and untying.


This tying Natural sisal rope for vegetables model has a universal use. It is highly valued in all spheres of agriculture, industry and ordinary household.

With this sisal rope, you can easily tie the different varieties of tomatoes you grow to their bamboo stakes, wooden stakes, or metal stakes for example. Natural sisal rope for vegetables of this model can be used for tying and leading salad cucumbers (long-fruited or short-fruited). It is especially suitable for growing gherkins or string beans, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, etc.

With natural sisal rope for vegetables, you can tie your favorite fruit bushes - raspberries, blackberries, chokeberry, gooseberries, blueberries, etc.

These Natural rope sisal for vegetables can be used both outdoors and indoors in polyethylene or glass greenhouses, at home, in the basement or garage, at work, on a trip to the mountains, or at the sea.

With the product made of natural materials, you can bind not only vegetables but also different types of herbs and spices. It is highly valued when growing medicinal plants - thyme, savory, etc. It can be used for drying spices, tobacco, pepper, sage, St. John's wort, John's wort, thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, etc.

With Natural sisal rope for vegetables you can tie different types of trees, bushes, flowers, vines, etc. Due to its great strength, it is often used in fruit growing. With the rope, you can easily tie a branch of an apple, pear, quince, plum, cherry, plum, etc. You can also strengthen the young saplings with a wooden or metal stake that you tie with the sisal.

This product is an indispensable assistant for all professional gardeners and landscape architects who deal with subscription maintenance of green areas and gardens. Seedlings combined with rubber hose for tying do a great job in decorative landscaping. With them, you can even decorate bouquets for various occasions - wedding, baptism, birthday, prom, name day, etc.

With an affordable tying Natural sisal rope for vegetables, you can tie various types of house flowers - Benjamin ficus, pachyra, all kinds of palms, hanging plants such as chlorophytum, decorative ivy, etc.

At home, sisal rope for vegetables is also widely used. You can tie almost anything you need with them. Because of their natural color, they are often used to create home decorations for Christmas, Christmas Eve, Great Day, etc.

Tying Natural sisal rope for vegetables is also a staple of all types of designers and florists. With them, you can easily and modernly tie a bouquet, an arrangement of dried flowers, etc.

Natural sisal rope is available in two cuts:

1 piece. roll (4.2 kg) or about 1260 m 

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