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Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m

Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m
Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m
Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m
Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m
Coconut brown rope for plants 15 m
  • Model: HM00012

Available Options presents to its customers a high-quality product for the home and garden - Coconut brown rope for plants and for strengthening trees with high strength.

The rope is made from natural coconut fibers that are woven into a special mesh. In this way, a product with high strength and a thickness convenient for tying is created.

Coconut brown rope fro plants is widely used in landscaping and landscape architecture, agriculture, viticulture and fruit growing. It is highly valued for strengthening deciduous trees, tall shrubs, conifers, young fruit trees, vines, vines, even greens, etc.

With the brown coconut fiber bracing rope, you can securely and quickly tie any tree to a support structure or to tree stakes. The natural materials from which it is made are gentle on the bark of the plants, which are strengthened. This is an advantage that is particularly valued in ornamental gardens, where every detail counts.

This model of coconut ropes in brown also has a natural color. This quality makes them preferred for strengthening all kinds of decorative vegetation in representative green areas, diplomatic residences, public parks, hotels, hotel complexes, restaurants, gas stations, wineries, all kinds of cafes and drinking establishments.

Application of rope for strengthening coconut trees:

All kinds of conifers can be strengthened with the Coconut Tree Strengthening Rope - Silver Spruce, Scots Spruce, White Spruce, Caucasian Fir, Scotch Spruce, White or Black Pine, Douglas Fir, Black and White Mulberry, Various Arizona Cypress, Cedar, Thuja , yew, thujopsis, etc.

In addition to conifers and evergreen trees, you can tie coconut rope and deciduous trees to strengthening stakes - poplar, large-leaved and small-leaved linden, silver-leaved linden, aspen, various types of red-leaved janka, sycamore, acer, maple, Japanese maple, lyre tree , cercis, catalpa, etc.

In addition to trees, with coconut fiber rope for plants you can also strengthen all kinds of powerful shrubs, whether they are deciduous or evergreen - laurel, ligustrum, lilac, lagerstremia, etc.

The rope can also be used for tying fruit trees - young saplings of pear, quince, apple, plum, apricot, peach, persimmon, dogwood, dates, olive, cherries, sour cherries, etc.

With this pattern of coconut rope for plants, you can also tie already large trees that are not going in the right direction or are crooked for some reason by tying them to strong wooden or metal stakes, even to bamboo stakes for tomatoes, structures according to growing conditions, etc. .

The coco rope in brown has universal uses. In addition to strengthening your trees, it can also do a great job at home, at the cottage, in the garage, on a camping trip, in the mountains, etc.

Specifications of the garden rope:

Cut - weight 200 g (about 15 m long)

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