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Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm

Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm
  • Model: G000006

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Seven Seeds Ltd. and the online catalog for home and garden Semenata org added another model of quality Outdoor cement tile for garden with dimensions 40 40 5 cm.

This type of cement garden tiles are made of vibropressed concrete with excellent density, high load strength and long-term resistance to bad weather.

The garden cement tile is square and 40/40 cm in size. It is 5 cm thick, but you can order the same model with a smaller thickness - 4 cm. The concrete garden tiles have an interesting Pavement pattern, which imitates 8 pcs. laid concrete pavers 20/10/6 cm.

For this reason, the outdoor cement tile for the garden model can be used as an extension or as a combination in the construction of 20/10 cm concrete pavers.

Outdoor concrete tile for garden 40 40 4 cm is available in gray, ocher, red and yellow. The surface layer about 1 cm thick is colored.

Uses of garden outdoor concrete tiles 40 40 5 cm Pavement.

The outdoor tile model is recommended for the construction of pavements on which there will be only pedestrian traffic. Despite the thickness of 5 cm and the high resistance of vibe pressed concrete, do not use the tiles for places where cars will rarely pass.

In these cases, combine the garden cement tiles using a concrete paving stone 20 10 6 cm or thicker. Combinations with plastic car parking grids from Seven Seeds Ltd. or concrete turfstone pavers for driveway are also suitable.

- Concrete garden outdoor tiles are suitable for the construction of sidewalks in urban areas, which are loaded with heavy traffic.

- They are excellent for sidewalks in villages, towns, and outside settlements, for different types of pedestrian alleys, park alleys, squares, and more.

- The tile model is valued when creating flooring around private yards, garages, guest houses, residences of civil servants, hotels and hotel gated complexes, golf courses, and more.

- Garden Outdoor cement tile for garden 40 40 5 cm can be used to make decorative paths in the garden and lawn, around gazebos or barbecues, and around the garage or outbuildings of the villa.

Technical characteristics of concrete tiles for the garden.

Size - Garden cement tiles for outdoor are offered by Seven Seeds Ltd. with dimensions of 40/40/5 cm. You can also order the model of paving tiles at good prices with size 40/40/4 cm.

Color - The most used color of this model of garden concrete tiles outdoor is gray (concrete). The model can also be ordered in yellow, ocher, and red. For orders over 50 sq.m we offer coloring in black, white (with white cement), or the color of your choice. Please note that additional colors are made to order and take about 2 weeks to prepare.

Material - Vibropressed concrete with excellent strength and durability in bad weather conditions.

Weight of one garden tile from cement - 17 kg

Quantity of tiles in 1 sq.m - 6 pcs.

Deliveries are made throughout the country - Sofia, Sofia District, Sofia - City, Haskovo, Ruse, Vidin, Silistra, Burgas, Sunny Beach, Montana, Smolyan, Velingrad, Razlog, Bansko, and others.

1. Delivery with unloading included - In this method of delivery the products are unloaded with the help of a drop board and a pallet truck. The garden outdoor cement tiles 40 40 5 cm are arranged on a euro pallet, with a maximum of 44 pieces. tiles (7.33 sq.m).

2. Delivery Without unloading included - In this way of delivery the customer provides equipment for unloading the pallets at the address. The maximum amount of cement outdoor garden tiles per euro pallet is 72 pcs. (12 sq.m).

Note! The indicated price is for 1 piece. concrete garden tile incl. VAT.

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