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Wool concrete paving brick 24/10,5/6 sm

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Wool concrete paving brick 24/10,5/6 sm
  • Model: G000020

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Specialized catalog for garden flooring and home goods Semenata org presents to its customers a quality model of Wool concrete paving brick with a thickness of 6 cm - Uni pave 24 / 10,5 / 6 cm.

Wool concrete paving is manufactured by a renowned Bulgarian manufacturer and is a concrete paving brick measuring 24/10.5 cm and 6 cm thick.

This uni model Wool concrete paving is produced by Vibro pressing the concrete mix. This is a technology that makes the concrete product significantly denser and therefore more resistant to stress, as well as more resistant to weathering.

The 6 cm concrete paving brick is produced in standard gray color, but color variants in yellow, red, and other can also be purchased. In the case of colored paving bricks wool, only the upper layer, which is about 1 cm thick, is colored.

Use of Wool concrete paving brick 6 cm.

This model of concrete pavers is highly valued due to its optimal thickness of 6 cm, which allows the construction of pavements that are pedestrian and loaded by light road transport - cars, small buses, motorcycles, jeeps, all kinds of SUVs, electric cars, cars with trailers and semi-trailers, retro cars, etc.

With a height of 6 cm can be built flooring around private yards and houses, villas, country houses, small hotels and large hotel complexes, outdoor flooring around apartment buildings, gated communities, and more.

With a height of 6 cm, construction companies often build pavements around schools, kindergartens, hospitals, plastic clinics, sanatoriums, nursing homes, and more.

Wool concrete paving bricks 6 cm are among the models of concrete flooring, which you can often see around large shopping malls, grocery hypermarkets, warehouses for building materials, workshops for wood processing, warehouses, and parking lots for caravans and campers, etc.

Technical characteristics of the paving bricks Wool 6 cm.

Size of one unit (length / width / height) - 24 / 10.5 / 6 cm

Material - Univipazhite 6 cm are made of vibropressed concrete with high density.

Color - The concrete uni paving is produced in standard gray color, you can also order online for paving stones in yellow, red, and ocher.

Weight of one paving stone uni - 3.3 kg

Quantity of concrete pavers from paving bricks Wool 6 cm in 1 sq.m - 40 pcs.

We deliver the model throughout the country - Ruse, Plovdiv, Sofia, Pleven, Haskovo, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, and others. The pavers are placed on a euro pallet with a size of 120/80 cm.

We offer delivery with the unloading of 6 cm paving bricks Wool at the address. Unloaded with a drop board and pallet truck. With this method of delivery, a maximum of 227 pcs are placed on the pallet. county (5.67 sq.m).

You can also order delivery of the 6 cm paving bricks Wool without INCLUDING unloading at the address. In this case, the customer must provide appropriate unloading equipment at the address. The maximum amount of pavers on one pallet is 392 pcs. or 9.8 sq.m.

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